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Blazin Vape Pens

  • Lowest Prices on Top Selling Vaporizer Pens.

  • Discrete shipping and billing. Credit cards will be billed as , and we ship using plain brown envelops and boxes with only return address to LV Blaze.

  • Tracking numbers will be emailed to all customers once order ships. We ship by USPS first class and priority mail.

Welcome to Blazin Vape Pens, an online smoke shop for buying portable vaporizer pens and mod kits for your premium vaping experience. We carry the popular brand name vape pen starter kits for dry herb, wax or oil vaping. We also carry vaporizer pen parts such as atomizers, batteries, and chargers.. All at discount prices! Vape Pens are revolutionizing the way to smoke rather its tobacco or herbs to get high. Vaping is Portable, discreet, and incredibly potent. Concentrates are stronger and because of their portability, Vaporizer Pens have enjoyed a huge rise in popularity. Vaporizing is a much healthier way to enjoy your favourite herbal blends, as the vaporization process does not combust the smoking material. This eliminates harmful particulates and carcinogens associated with smoking and leaves just a smooth, clean vapor, rich in flavors and other active ingredients rather thc or nicotine. How do vape pens work ? When marijuana is burned, up to 30% of THC is lost in the combustion process. Vaporization is heating herbs to the point where THC and terpenes evaporate but is lower than the temperature at which plant material burns.